Monday, July 29, 2013

my experience with vaporizing calea z (zacatechichi/ternifolia/dream herb)

i vaporized a couple of grams of calea z using a volcano digit with easy valve starter set, so i'll tell you about my experience.

i started off at a low temperature, 150 C (302 F), and could see almost no vapor inside the balloon, and could barely taste the calea z.

i then increased it to 200 C (392 F) and saw a little vapor in the balloon.

i then increased it to 220 C (428 F) and saw a good amount of vapor in the balloon and could clearly taste the calea z and could clearly see the vapor when i exhaled in a normally lit room.

i then increased the temperature to 225 C (437 F) and it started to taste a tiny bit like burned popcorn so i went back down to 220 C.

after about 5 filling chambers full of calea z, i started to notice a slight, altered change in perception, but nothing trippy like some people describe. i probably vaped about 10 filling chambers total, but it didn't seem to do that much for me. i went to sleep probably about an hour after vaping, and had a pleasant/vivd dream though that night.

tip: i found i could vape the same filling chamber twice--the second round was probably about half the vapor of the first round. i shook the filling chamber a good deal between the first and second rounds, to move the leaf bits around. there wasn't much left in a third round of vaping the same herbs.

if you're like most people, you probably think calea z tastes pretty gross, no matter if you drink it as a tea or smoke it in a bong, but when you vaporize it, it doesn't taste gross at all.

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