Wednesday, July 11, 2007

nokia n95 cell mobile phone review

1. when you have bluetooth off, but enable it to send a single file somewhere, it should turn off immediately after the file transfer is done

2. the battery seems to drain SUPER quickly, i have to recharge the phone every day (or did i just get really unlucky?)

3. i wish it had a place where i could attach a little string to hold on to like on the p900

4. when the battery is low the phone locked up on me and wouldn't respond to any pushing of keys. i have to take out the battery to restart it. completely lame.

5. the phone has restarted on me without warning several times

6. the phone has started going into some wierd echo-ey semi-loudspeaker mode when i make calls so i have to choose loudspeaker then choose handset to get it back to normal. i'm pissed about this piece of crap phone.

7. in bad lighting you only end up with huge (multiple MB) blurry/crappy quality pictures

8. there should be a button that goes DIRECTLY to the music player. the fastest way there is sliding the screen down, then pressing play, but it just starts playing the currently selected song. i want something that will take me to the music player main menu

9. i can't for the life of me figure out how to get the gps can never find my gps position...(maybe i'm just mental?)

10. i can't seem to figure out how to make shortcuts to programs, i would like to put a couple of shortcuts on the main screen

11. in the music player menu you can't press left/up on the first selection to quickly move to the bottom of the list. completely idiotic, you have to move through the whole list to get to the bottom. you should be able to begin typing the name of the song to have the marker move to the song title instead of having to push up/down/right/left arrow...

12. usb connected to the computer doesn't charge the battery

1. the camera takes really nice quality pictures in good lighting.

2. the camera has a "sports" mode for pictures/subjects in motion

3. supporting a 2GB (sold seperately) memory card is great (can it support 4GB?)

4. audio files/recordings saved as wav files

5. video files saved as mp4

6. wlan

7. video calling

8. you can choose between the 2 different cameras, which one you want to take a picture with or record a video with (who would ever choose the crappier one though?)

i'm going to try and return this phone and get a sonyericsson instead, the new cybershot or something...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

crying !(always)= whining

i found out (or rather reminded) yesterday that it also can mean a dirty diaper... i feel so bad. i think my smallest was crying for like a half hour (i thought he was just crying cause he didn't want to go to sleep...) =(

Monday, July 9, 2007

libero vs huggies

libero wins. huggies suck. we were in the states and our child peed through his diaper and got his pants wet several times. libero are the best diapers in the world.