Friday, February 27, 2009

which came first the total recall or the matrix?

after watching total recall tonight on the telly i realized that matrix kind of copied ideas from this film. matrix......more like the faketrix....jk, i love the matrix, but the pill scene was an obvious rippoff....unless total recall ripped it off someone else's hairy film chest.

short survey from hong kong

a telemarketer called the office today and asked my boss for his name so he could address him in the right way....interesting angle =)

the other day someone from india called and asked for the manager (he actually used some different term, i can't remember what it was) so i told him straightaway that we weren't interested and he said in a rude voice "excuse me, excuse me, i didn't ask you those questions", then i raised my voice and said "hey you can't call here and then be rude" and he hung up on me before i could finish... =) what a crappy job that must be, but i can't get too annoyed either actually since there is so much poverty in the world and these people are just trying to work and survive.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

nick nicely

my friend halvor "introduced me" to nick nicely (not personally) a couple of days ago. check out at least his songs called:
49 cigars
hilly fields
on the beach

they are really good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Norges Internettforum moved to The Nick Humphrey Forum

I've moved the Norges Internettforum to The Nick Humphrey Forum, on a new domain: