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Help me find my father's biological father (most likely a dutch sailor in Seattle, WA, USA, around November-December 1950)


I'm trying to find out who my father's biological father is--we think he was a dutch sailor, who had a short romance with my father's mother (Pearl Lorine Mustoe, birthday December 1, 1924) in Seattle, WA, USA, around december 1950 (my father's birthday is August 16, 1951). Any ideas about how I might proceed?

My father's mother, Pearl, would have been 26 years old at the time she met this dutch sailor.

I'm wondering if there are any records of any Dutch ships that were in the Seattle area during November-December of 1950.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (email me at nick (dot) c (dot) humphrey (at) gmail (dot) com)

Thanks in advance,
Nick Humphrey

P.S. I've contacted
* the "Port of Seattle": (REPLIED--REFERRED ME TO "Puget Sound Regional Archives")
* the "Central Bureau for Genealogy" in the Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie): (REPLIED--DEAD END)
* the "Dutch Ministry of Defense" (Ministerie van Defensie):
* Tore på Sporet (a norwegian TV show that reunites lost family members):
* Spoorloos (a dutch TV show that reunites lost family members): (COULDN'T HELP ME, NO CAPACITY)

* Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society:
* Holland America Line:
* Puget Sound Regional Archives:
* Netherlands Police: (REPLIED--REFUSED TO HELP)

but am still waiting for their replies.

I've also submitted my DNA to FamilyTreeDNA:

UPDATE 20131120

reply from CBG:
Hello Nick,
There is a Dutch T.v. program about such "things".
You can ask them to help you. See:

reply from Port of Seattle:
Mr. Humphrey;
I have to say this is one of the more interesting requests that I’ve received.  The Port doesn’t keep records of ships that called in Seattle.  But there may be records at the Puget Sound Regional Archives.  They can be reached at (425) 564-3947 or via email at
Good luck with your search.


reply from Netherlands Police:
this is not a matter concerning police, data from the DNA database can only be used for police investigation.
Regional Service Center
Amsterdam Police Department



here's a thread on facebook that i started about this, with additional ideas about researching this:

here's a post I wrote on Family Tree DNA's facebook page:


UPDATE 20140108

nobody above was able to help me, although i was pleased to get replies from almost all of them.

thoughts. i just looked at my FTDNA matches for both maternal and paternal sides. i have 10 matches for mtDNA (maternal) and only 2 matches for Y-DNA (paternal). maybe having so few paternal matches is a possible indicator that my father's father really wasn't from the US?
or is it common that people have more matches for mtDNA than Y-DNA?
both the Y-DNA matches have the last name "KING", which also is very interesting.

i think my DNA data has been registered with FTDNA since 2010.


other relevant search terms:holland
washington state
child out of wedlock
one night stand

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