Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mx44 tutorial

mx44 is similar to zynaddsubfx in the way that you control it using midi and it produces synth sounds.

to install it just do:
sudo apt-get install mx44

to use it:
1. start qjackctl
2. start vkeybd
3. start mx44
4. in the jack connections window (in qjackctl) connect mx44 to system in the Audio tab and then vkeybd to mx44 in the ALSA tab
then start pressing keys in vkeybd to hear sound


madKharman said...

Hi Nick,

since you enjoy mx44 so much, perhaps you could tell us what the radio buttons and check-boxes are supposed to do? It seems that the program's author forgot to label them or write any documentation!


Nickleus said...

yeah i noticed the same thing. i just had to try them out and see what they did. i think they are presets for the sliders, but i could be wrong, it has been a while since i used the program..