Monday, October 5, 2009

locked in locked out

our car has keyless entry/start which means that we just have to have the key in our pocket and we push a button on the door and it opens. we turn the ignition and the car starts, without a key.

when i drove home today and got everything out of the car and pushed the button to lock the car it locked, but i immediately felt like "how is that possible, i don't remember having had the key?"

when i needed to get my jacket out of the car later that night i noticed that the key was sitting on the drivers seat. i tried pushing the button on the driver side door to unlock the car, but nothing happened. i prayed that i would be able to get the door open, but nothing happened right away. i went back inside the house. later on i felt like i should go out and try one more time and that i should try to rock the car and push the button at the same time. i got to the car, grabbed the roof rail by the driver side and started to rock the car back and forth as hard as i could while pressing the button on the door at the same time. after about 5-6 "rocks" the door opened =)

today we signed the contract for the sale of our property in ormåsen. i'm waiting to take down my ads until the money is in the bank though. we also sold the baby buggy after we got home. 2 good sales today =)

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