Tuesday, July 14, 2009

important and interesting online casino terms to note - lucky 18 casino

If you do not log onto your Casino account for a period of 180 days, any balance in your account will be forfeited to the Company.

Before any withdrawal totalling more than $100. U.S. Dollars is authorized, a FVF (Fax Verification Form) must be properly printed, clearly filled out, and faxed back to Lucky 18 Casino before any monies will be sent. Lucky 18 Casino reserves the right to request a FVF at any time and may terminate any account that does not satisfactorily complete and/or return the FVF in a time period determined as reasonable by Lucky 18 Casino. In such a case, Lucky 18 Casino may unilaterally determine resolution of any account funds. Lucky 18 Casino reserves the right to withhold any amount in excess of the player’s original deposit from a player's withdrawal if the play bonus is wagered in Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo or all 4-line Video Poker Games." Lucky 18 Casino reserves the right to refuse or rescind the play bonus for any reason including, but not restricted to, player abuse.

A maximum of $2000 (Two Thousand US Dollars) will be sent per week, all balances will be sent in increments of $2000 the following week(s). If any of a player's real money deposits to the casino are reversed due to insufficient funds, chargeback, or any other reason, irrespective of the payment method, the casino withholds the right to cancel any bonuses, credits, wins or withdrawals. Play bonuses will be given only once per household and/or per account, as per our terms of use. If a second account is opened it will be closed and all play bonuses and winnings may be cancelled. The Player is fully aware of the fact that his credit card, when used for deposit/purchase will be immediately billed after deposit/purchase. All PLAY BONUS credits are for wagering purposes only. (No withdrawal will be honoured for an amount less than the PLAY BONUS.) Upon a withdrawal request (regardless of the number of deposits), any amount up to the equivalent value of the PLAY BONUS will be deducted from your play balance or winnings prior to settlement. The first credits wagered will be deducted from your deposit(s) rather than from the PLAY BONUS). All deposits must be wagered at least once before cashing out.

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