Sunday, July 26, 2009

fiddler on the roof, sabbath prayer scale

from what i can hear, the scale used in the song is (i haven't analyzed the whole song so maybe there are additional scales used):
C D Eb F# G A Bb
C D Eb (e flat) F# (f sharp) G A Bb (b flat)
can also be written like this:
C D D# F# G A A#
C D D# (d sharp) F# (f sharp) G A A# (a sharp)

download the midi file

from what i can find on the net this scale has several names:
Blues (Rag Madhukant)
Romanian, Gnossiennes
Dorian Ukrainian \ Romanian \ Gnossiennes - Heptatonic
Harmonic Minor - Mode 4
Bb Augmented
Dorian #4 (Harmonic Minor)

it is a beautiful sounding scale =) a definite favorite =)

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