Friday, September 26, 2008

were my children abducted by aliens last night?

ok, this is kind of spooky. yesterday i saw some interesting UFO videos and read this article about EBE's:
Our Government Sold Us to the Greys
last night at about 01:23 i woke up and my youngest son was crying
i got up and went to the boys' room.
when i walked in i saw something pretty weird/scary. i have 3 sons. the youngest was in his baby bed crying. he was laying on his stomach. his blanket was not covering him
the two older sons lay in beds parallel to each other. both were laying on their stomachs in the opposite of normal direction (their feet were on their pillow, both were laying with their heads towards the window). both of them had their arms at their side, their blankets were off them too and both their heads were turned to the left, and they were pretty much laying exactly in the middle of their beds, widthwise. it was creepy. i should have taken a picture, but i was just focused on taking up my one child who was crying. i put him in our bed and went back to the boys' room and got them up to take them to the bathroom so they could go pee and so i could have a look at them. they both seemed fine, but it was sure a weird scene. i have never seen anything like that in the 6 years they've been alive. i hope the thought of an alien abduction is just a thought and not a reality... nonetheless i think we'll buy a baby call to put in their room.

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