Friday, January 11, 2008

en helvetes pappa - english translation

here's the helvetes pappa poem in english:
a pappa from hell
i am and have been
it stings in my heart
all the terrible things i have done
have made you cry
cry tears so sad
i die when i think about
your scared, desperate look
my son, if you could (were able to)
i would let you hit me
and crush my face
so you don't have to live
in sadness and fear
a pappa from hell
i don't know any better
but that is a lie
i have little control
i'm an ugly troll from hell
i owe you happiness
and dreams never realized
i hate myself
can someone kill me
and save my children
from a pappa from hell
crush my body
and delete my soul
i don't deserve to live
please kill me

here is the norwegian text
and here is the music video by mihau

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