Friday, October 5, 2007

profit-generating ideas from usa

i'm on vacation in the states and am noticing all the different ways different places, like disney world, make money...
1. take your pictures with somebody or something and pay to have it developed
2. exit rides through the gift shop
3. pay to feed the dolphins or get closer to the animals than other people get to be
4. sell towels at the shamu show
5. sell cool light toys and things that appeal to children
6. sell umbrellas when it's raining
7. offer to take free pictures (and give 1 picture away for free) and then offer to sell a frame to go along with the pictures and also give the person a code they can use to go on the internet with and view and order all the other pictures (without watermark) they took of your child
8. you can pay a fee to make your otherwise expirable (2 weeks) disney world tickets unexpirable
9. rent buggies to people with children

to be continued...

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