Monday, April 9, 2007

review of the road to guantanamo

see the movie here:

the americans depicted in this movie sure use a lot of tricks to try to get people to confess things they are not guilty of:
1. telling you your friends have admitted that you were a member of al-qaeda
2. forging pictures and videos of shady images of you at some kind of rally
3. telling you your family is in danger of being deported or that something bad has happened to them or will happen to them
4. psychological and physical terror: loud music with flashing lights being played while you are chained to the floor in painful positions for long periods of time. telling you you are never going to leave or being threatened with physical violence
5. showing you or talking about phony documents saying you are connected with terror or did something bad or exploding a small thing you may have done and stating lies as facts about something you might not know about
6. pretending to be your friend or from your government and that they are trying to help you
7. cutting deals with you or making you promises if you help them

the questions i am left with after watching this film and reading and watching additional interviews of the witnesses are these:

*who are the real terrorists?

*where is the real evil/threat?

*were the US soldiers/personnel even interested in whether these prisoners were innocent or not? it seemed like maybe they were also feeling pressure to get results from their superiors and just wanted confessions to get the pressure off themselves and to give the government proof that they are right when so many US citizens and other people of the world criticize them.

*why the heck did these guys go to afghanistan when there was talk of possible
bombing/war? (but that is beside the point of the movie)

*why does rumsfield say (something to this effect) "there isn't a doubt in my mind that conditions are in accordance with international law, for the most part"?? =) why would he even mention doubt if he had first hand knowledge? and what does he mean by "for the most part"? that indicates that he DOES know something about something that ISN'T "legal"/humane.

btw i saw a funny sign in another video that said "drop bush, not bombs" =)

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