Wednesday, February 7, 2007

60 minutes - brain man + nucular

60 minutes sure was a treat tonight. first there was a bit on an amazing guy nicknamed "brainman". he really showed a glimpse of our potential as living beings/spirits, what we're capable of doing/knowing. his name is Daniel Tammet. he recited pi to like the 22,514 th place. it took him like 5 hours and he made no mistakes. he sees numbers as colors/shapes.

the last piece was andy rooney's, talking about president bush, pointing out which parts of his speeches weren't his words, obviously written by some one else, everything except the word "nuclear" (bush pronounces as "nucular"). rooney proposed that the author's name should be displayed as a subtitle saying "the words you heard president bush speak, were not his own words, they were written by the white house staff...everything except the word nucular."

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