Friday, January 26, 2007

what will make DRM disappear - simple economics

In 2007, the majors will get the message, and the DRM wall will begin to crumble. Why? Because they'll no longer be able to point to a growing digital marketplace as justification that DRM works

Ailing music biz set to relax digital restrictions - Yahoo! News

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I sure know i'll buy music online, once i know its unprotected, drm free, in mp3 or ogg format, so corporate idiots, get it together and drop drm and start making more money (not that i want you too...=)

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Vicky Milza said...

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Digital Right Managements it is used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and limits individuals to what type of usage download can have with the artist work. Many of the DRM systems in use are designed to work on general-purpose computing hardware, such as desktop PCs apparently because this equipment is felt to be a major contributor to revenue loss from disallowed copying. Thanks...

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